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This app provides a well resourced starting point of information for the newly diagnosed.  The light humour that is interspersed throughout the story provides a balance against the serious and complex nature of this degenerative disease. This is why this storytelling format is effective for a person affected by the disease!
— Janice R, Parkinson's

I am impressed with the basic simplicity. So much easier to understand than the medical sites.
— Natalie H, RA

This is an excellent information tool for people who are facing the enormity of surgery which will necessitate the outcome of a permanent Colostomy bag. Along with the storytelling, medical facts have been woven into the dialogue to provide added information. This is all described in a dialogue that makes sense, is relevant information and written in a clear format that is easy to understand.
— Helen Nodrum, Colostomy

I’ve seen the impact of Parkinson’s disease firsthand – it’s so much more than just a motor disorder, it can affect almost all aspects of a patient’s life. Parkinson’s Xplained makes understanding Parkinson’s disease simple. It’s a great resource that should be shared with everyone who has an interest in this degenerative disease.
— Jacinta Johnson, Parkinson's

This is going to help so many people! I love reading it, and actually enjoyed learning about my condition! Thank you so much.
— Tarryn, Psoriasis

It is wonderful! It is the first app I have viewed addressing the emotions of chronic urticaria, as well as giving a simple and understandable medical explanation.
— Stephanie, Urticaria

About a year ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and your app is the 1st time that it has made it hit home how important it is to take this serious. This story is me and I can understand now what it is how it’s caused how serious I have to take it. So thank you very much for this. I’m one Maori that very much can relate, it has changed my attitude and I appreciate the mahi that has gone into it.
— Donna, T2 Diabetes

Wow! This is overall a really great resource. Good work! It’s really informative, it’s entertaining, it takes the reader on a journey, and you come out at the other end either feeling empathy for the character, or relating it to yourself in some way, or someone else in your life. It’s both thought provoking and educational. All the illustrations/artwork is great. I like the eyeball characters that pop up from time to time, and their dialogue. The blue links to further explanations are great too.
— Chris, Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia, DME

This has been very insightful reading, even though I have had PH for nearly 3 years it at one point bought tears to my eyes I am very eager to pass this on to all my family.
— Helena, PH

I found this so informative that I am booking a appointment with my doctor for a check up including a PSA test.
— Peter, Prostate Cancer