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See what amazing things have been happening with Medicine X in the press!


APC app saves a special life

One very important life saved after reading our 'Advanced Prostate Cancer Xplained' app! Could you be next?

Find out more about Prostate Cancer through our entertaining story. 


Haemophilia Xplained

Ben, featured in his local newspaper talking about his experience with Haemophilia and how our app Haemophilia Xplained has helped him understand his condition. Check it out at www.haemophiliaxplained.com.au


David from APC Xplained

David, was in his local paper talking about his journey with Prostate Cancer and why he became involved with Advanced Prostate Cancer Xplained. Great work David! View Advanced Prostate Cancer online.


Advanced Prostate in the Financial Review

We made it in the Financial Review for #AdvancedProstateCancerXplained! Have a look at the amazing things Jill Margo wrote about the launch of the story here: http://ow.ly/3Qf73040ve8
And don't forget you can download the app and help spread the word about prostate cancer for free here: www.advancedprostatecancerxplained.com.au

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RA Xplained

Our story on Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA Xplained, was recently featured as app of the week in Woman's Day Magazine! It's great to bring more awareness to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Epilepsy Xplained

A great article in the Newcastle Herald featuring the real-life inspiration for the main character in our Epilepsy Xplained app, Emily!

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RA Xplained

Women's Health online featuring Carly, the real-life inspiration for the main character in our RA Xplained app!