How we work

Real People

The Medicine X stories are each based on a real person! It reflects their story, experiences and advice to others.  There are also lots of people who contribute along the way with their stories and advice. 

Our Team

The Medicine X team are doctors, artists, and creative writers that all work to make sure of one thing – the information is easy to understand and meaningful. No more medical jargon! Everything is correct, up-to-date and relevant to you!


Each of the stories we create is different, so there are experts in the specialist field that review the stories to ensure it is spot on in terms of medical information. These experts are the crème de la crème of specialists, nurses, medical bodies and institutions.

Our Story


Working as a medical doctor, our founder realised that far too many patients were confused about their diagnosis, their conditions and their treatments. There’s a disconnect between the language that doctors use, and what every day people understand. People were feeling hopeless and anxious at a really difficult time in their lives.

This simple realisation is why Medicine X was created. 

Dr Kim Chilman-Blair started connecting doctors with the worlds best storytellers and artists to find a better way to communicate to people about medical issues.