About Medicine X

Real People

Each Medicine X story is based on a real person - it reflects their journey, diagnosis, coping and treatment as they live with their condition—Chronic Pancreatitis to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The main character in each story walks us through their life and 'xplains' what it’s like to live with the condition: what is happening inside of their bodies, what common struggles there are and how tough it is to be diagnosed. These stories provide you with real-world advice about how to best live with a condition through their everyday experiences.

Created by Artists

Medicine X works with a team of illustrators, writers and designers to create vivid and engaging stories. The ability to capture details that make up the life of a real-life patient is critical in the storytelling process, and this is why Medicine X only works with the most talented artists.

Each of our stories are created to be simple, interactive and easy to understand. No medical jargon. No “doctor speak." No complex descriptions; just easily understandable information that is accessible for all.

Approved by Doctors

Each of the stories we create is about a different medical condition, which means different medical experts are utilized for each individual story.

We are honored to work with doctors and specialists who work as key opinion leaders in their medical fields. By collaborating with these top minds, we are able to ensure all of our medical content is accurate, up-to-date and relevant.

Why Medicine X?

Working for years as a medical doctor in New Zealand, our founder, Dr Kim Chilman-Blair, realized that far too many patients were confused about their diagnosis, conditions and treatments.

This simple realization is why Medicine X was created.

The disconnect between the language doctors use and what the average patient can understand is the gap that Medicine X works to bridge. Making medical knowledge understandable for all is most important to us at Medicine X.  

Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair started connecting her fellow doctors with the world’s best storytellers and artists to find a better way to communicate medical issues to you.