At Medicine X, we believe everyone should feel informed and empowered when it comes to their medical decisions.

We translate complicated medical conditions and afflictions into engaging, entertaining and easy to understand stories – so that every person, regardless of agegenderculture or condition, can understand their own health.

Most people are confused or uninformed about their condition, and are often even more confused after their doctor attempts to explain to them what is happening inside their bodies. This inability to understand often leaves diagnosed patients feeling hopeless and anxious at a very difficult time in their lives. 

This is why Medicine X was created.

We are a team of doctors and artists “Xplaining” complicated medical conditions and afflictions through the power of storytelling. By working with talented artists and partnering with top medical experts of their chosen fields, Medicine X works to bridge the education gap between patients and doctors by creating a general understanding of medicine. 

Medicine X – Empowering patients through storytelling.