After being involved in thousands of patient consultations, a simple realisation emerged


Patients are confused about their medical conditions and lack a proper understanding of diagnoses and treatments. Confusion leads to patients feeling disempowered, hopeless and anxious because quite simply, they fail to understand the ‘medical speak’.

 Medicine has traditionally been a complicated, jargon-filled, black and white language – but it doesn’t have to be. People learn best through visual mediums that utilise colour, humour, interaction and storytelling.

 We believed there could be a better way to translate medical theory into relevant patient information, leveraging the digital medium patients enjoy and understand.

This is why Medicine X was created



A wide community contributes to each Medicine X story or app. The starting point for each condition-specific story is the experience of a real life patient. No matter what the topic, our team of doctors research audiences and understands their unique requirements.

We involve medical experts, and relevant medical bodies and institutions to ensure the stories cover current and holistic medical information. The stories are peer reviewed and shared with focus groups of people with the condition, to create content that not only gives medical facts, but also discusses real life issues.


We also team up with some of the world’s best script writers and artists. Complicated medical information is transformed into a format that is more meaningful and accessible. Our writers make medical information engaging and add entertainment value. From there, the graphic-novel-esque art is developed by some of the world’s most respected storytelling illustrators and interactive digital designers. The content itself comes to life and speaks to readers. 

Our stories are multi-layered and can take many different paths to cater for different levels and stages of understanding.

The deeper understanding of content, created by the inclusion of art, allows each patient to take a more active role in their treatment and make necessary behaviour changes to realise optimal health.